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Full-Time (Diploma Program) Enrollment

“We welcome part-time enrollment … but we recommend full-time enrollment for the added benefits”

TPS – The Potter’s School is a non-profit regionally accredited (Middle States Atlantic Commission candidate) independent online private Christian school that provides a full range of core and elective courses for grades 4 through 12. TPS was established in 1997 to offer academically rigorous full scope standards-based course options taught from a biblical worldview for independent students (i.e., students not registered full-time in a local public or private school). In steadfast commitment to that mission, TPS has gradually evolved into a regionally accredited online private K12 school that serves both full-time and part-time enrolled students.

Currently, students in 70+ countries and all 50 U.S. states use TPS courses to prepare for and meet the high school graduation requirements of their state or country. Some students are full-time enrolled, taking all core subject courses from TPS and receiving benefits under our Diploma Program. Some students are part-time enrolled, taking selective subjects from TPS and receiving no benefits under our Diploma Program.

Diploma Program Enrollment Benefits

We welcome part-time enrollment by taking one or more subjects, but we recommend full-time enrollment for the added benefits of the Diploma Program. Every student (full-time or part-time) pays the same per-course tuition and receives the same top-quality instruction, feedback, and evaluation regardless of how many courses are enrolled. However, full-time Diploma Program students receive additional benefits:

  • Worldwide recognition and unequaled reputation for academic excellence. Satisfies general academic U.S. and international requirements for high school graduation and can be adapted to meet specific requirements unique to a state or country. (May not satisfy specific regional eligibility requirements for special programs, financial aid, scholarships, or other local, regional, or specialized applications.)
  • If you prefer to confer your own diploma (e.g., as homeschool parents), a TPS Diploma does not interfere — it can function as your secondary diploma with all the benefits while you still award your homeschool diploma (or both) at graduation.
  • Academic adviser assists each year with selecting courses for best high school preparation and then the strongest high school transcript tailored for the student’s goals and talents. Build your best transcript with our nearly 250 high school credit courses, including honors, college dual credit, and AP courses.
  • Priority enrollment for approved courses (including wait listed and limited enrollment courses). Additional support with complex scheduling and higher priority in wait list seating.
  • Course drop fees are waived or reduced for course changes made in coordination with the academic adviser.
  • Transcript processing fee waived for grade 11/12 transcript(s) (the one(s) sent to colleges). (TPS processing fee is waived. Delivery and postage fees may still apply.)
  • Guidance and support in the college application process, including school recommendations.
  • As an option, TPS will act representationally as your school for competitive college or scholarship applications or official state forms that require or benefit from this representation.

For students not full-time enrolled in the Diploma Program, TPS assumes no responsibility for and provides no special support for course enrollment or college application, including no school or teacher recommendations and no waivers of any fees.

Diploma for Independent Students (e.g., homeschool)?

How does the TPS Diploma Program serve an independent (e.g., homeschool) student? Education laws vary between countries and U.S. states. Some countries and U.S. states require their students to be in an accredited diploma-producing program (including for homeschool) and others do not, and the specific course and credit requirements vary as well. Being in the TPS Diploma Program means that you are partnering with TPS for your individual best high school preparation and education from a biblical worldview, pursuing your strongest transcript while complying with the laws of your state or country. Being in the TPS Diploma Program also means that TPS is providing you the benefits listed above (which we do not provide to students who are not in the Diploma Program). Independent students in any State can benefit from having an accredited school issue their transcript and represent them as a school in the college application process. Even if your primary objective is a homeschool diploma issued by parents, the TPS Diploma framework supports that too.

TPS offers a “standard” diploma and an “honors” diploma. The primary differences are: (1) Honors Diploma requires higher level courses in upper high school; (2) Honors Diploma requires six credits per year (Standard requires five). The Honors Diploma does not specifically require “Honors” courses, and both diploma plans may choose from our full range of our nearly-150 high school courses to build the strongest custom plan for each individual student. Students may join the Diploma Program from starting as early as grade 7 to as late as grade 9 (late joins in grade 10 are considered on a case-by-case basis).

Diploma Program Requirements

The TPS Diploma framework requirements for standard and honors high school diploma plans are here (right-click the link and “Save link as…”). These are used as a basis for proposing, reviewing, and approving individual customized high school plans (including waivers and exceptions) each year between the family and the TPS adviser. For middle school students (grades 7-8), the framework is to build an individual customized plan in each subject (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Elective) that prepares the student for his or her best high school transcript.

The Diploma Program requires an annual agreement with TPS prior to the student enrolling for each year. Without the Diploma Program Agreement, the student does not receive any of the benefits, even if the student is full-time in TPS for that year. There are nominal annual service fees for the additional individual advising, academic support, and tailored service of the Diploma Program. However, the fees are deferred as long as the student remains in the program and entirely waived when the student graduates the Diploma Program. Details of the process and waived fees are explained in the introductory meeting (see below) prior to joining the program.

Join the Diploma Program

To learn more or to join the TPS Diploma Program, please download this Academic Advising Background Information form (right-click the link and “Save link as…”) and send it to [email protected] with a request to meet with an adviser to discuss the Diploma Program. We will reply with time options for a meeting.