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Privacy and Security Policy

Personal Data

  • We use industry best practices to protect your data, including secure sites and servers.
  • We only collect essential personal data. Specifically, we require your family email address, family name, and time zone. If you enroll students, we require the student names and birth dates.
  • All financial transactions are managed through secure third-parties, specifically and FirstACH. TPS does not store any credit card or bank information. TPS staff never have access to or visibility into your financial data.
  • We never sell or rent your data to third parties, nor do we allow our teachers or staff to use any portion of it outside of TPS.
  • Each year we delete all “unused” family and student data records that are not associated with prior enrollment, financial or support interactions.

Academic Records. We retain academic records for each TPS course taken by each student. These records are property of TPS and we release them only to the family or upon request of the family or adult student. We do not fulfill records requests made by schools without written email consent of the family or adult student.

Support Records. We retain records of all support interactions, for accountability, contract fulfillment, and quality management. Those records have your email address and your general network location for time zone purposes. We do not use these records to generate contact lists or user profiles.

Web Site Records.

  • We collect anonymous statistical data on our web sites to monitor usage, but we do not collect personal identity or profile data, nor do we collect individual on-line activity data.
  • Our web sites use cookies for their basic technical functioning, including to provide for user security. We avoid using cookies to the maximum extent possible and we don’t use cookies to collect profiling data or to provide to other parties.

Meeting Room Access. Our class meeting rooms are accessible only to credentialed TPS staff, teachers and students enrolled in the specific class. We actively block access to unauthorized users to ensure a safe private on-line meeting space.

Cameras. TPS does not allow cameras in classrooms or meeting rooms. Cameras pose unnecessary security risks, particularly for minors, while providing no credible academic value.

Monitoring and Recording. Our general meeting rooms are monitored and recorded for security purposes. Our classes are recorded for students to review them, and we record only the academic portion of each class. We reserve the right to provide class recordings as samples to potential customers, but we do not post or provide recordings that inadvertently contain private information shared by students and we do not accept requests to view specific classes as samples.

Mailing List

Enrolled families and students are automatically added (subscribed) to the mailing list for that academic year only. This list is used to update families and students about TPS events and courses. Families and students who are not enrolled in that academic year are automatically excluded (no action required) from the mailing list and will not receive email updates unless they have self-subscribed to the mailing list. Any user may unsubscribe anytime, and TPS is not responsible for any information missed through opting out of the mailing list.