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TPS Science – Exceptional college prep for science majors (and everyone else)

Homeschool science courses satisfy high school requirements but are often not competitive for a college application. Reasons include incomplete scope and topics, lack of proper lab skills and practices, informal lab reports, and others. This is a concern for any application to a competitive college, and particularly for an aspiring STEM major. By contrast, TPS … Read more

TPS AP Courses – Incomparably effective, uncompromisingly faithful!

Why are TPS certified AP™ courses the top choice for a Christian homeschooler building a competitive college application? TPS AP students earn the highest AP Exam scores so they gain the most competitive rankings with colleges and earn the most widely useful college credit. Some TPS AP courses offer college dual credit without taking the … Read more

Be prepared and confident in Math with TPS!

“This course was a perfect balance between a challenging new math class and a review of all the math I had learned in school so far.” 2021-22 TPS high school student TPS has been teaching math since 1997. Our students consistently earn top math scores U.S. and worldwide (e.g., AP™ exams). Over more than two … Read more

Become your best writer with TPS!

“Our daughter’s growth as a writer through this course has been absolutely jaw-dropping. The creative knowledge-packed assignments in this course have sent her writing skills through the ceiling.” Parent of 2021-22 TPS elementary school student TPS has been teaching writing since 1997. Over more than two decades, the comment we still hear most often from … Read more

Be a High Scholar, not just a high schooler!

Earn 24 college credits in homeschool! “High Scholars has been awesome! It changed my perspective of the world and how I perceive things around me; it challenged me, but I found a new sense of adventure. Class is always a fun trip down history filled with stories as old as time; it’s mind-boggling. High Scholars … Read more

TPS Diploma Partnership – Homeschool competitive college apps, done!

Stand out from the competitive college app crowd! TPS is a non-profit U.S. regionally accredited private online K-12 school for independent (homeschool) students worldwide. Established in 1997, TPS maintains a worldwide reputation for academic excellence from a biblical worldview. Independent students in all 50 U.S. states and 70+ countries currently use TPS courses to support … Read more

TPS History and Literature go together like bacon and eggs!

TPS History and Literature – better together! Some things just go better together, like peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and anything (because bacon goes with everything these days). History and Literature share a long relationship as the core “Humanities” or “Great Books” and it is natural to study them together. TPS offers integrated History … Read more

See What’s New for You in 2022!

Here is a selected list (not entirely comprehensive) of courses that are new or have been redesigned or significantly updated. For a complete list, go to the Course Catalog and select the New and Improved Category from the drop-down.

TPS AP Exam scores are through the ceiling every year!

Become an AP Exam top scorer with TPS! Why take certified AP courses from TPS? TPS AP students earn the highest AP Exam scores so they gain the most competitive rankings with colleges and earn the most widely useful college credit. Some TPS AP courses are also eligible for direct college credit without taking the exam. TPS … Read more

TPS Offers 30+ Honors Courses in All Major Subjects and Grade Levels

When you receive a transcript from TPS with “Honors” in a course title, it is supported by academically objective standards that promote the credibility of the official TPS transcript for a competitive college or scholarship application. TPS receives many requests to list a course as “Honors” on a transcript. While there is no universal definition … Read more