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Diploma Plan Benefits

Diploma Options Would you enjoy peace of mind knowing you are providing the best college preparation and building the best high school transcript for your individual student? As an independent student (i.e., not registered with a state school, including “homeschooling”), you may earn a high school diploma with worldwide recognition. TPS serves students worldwide (75+ … Read more

Dual Credit Courses

TPS College (dual credit) courses and details The links below take you to the course catalog details for each course, including the Belhaven University course number and name so you may cross-reference information as needed. The detailed steps and timelines for obtaining the college credit and transcript from Belhaven University for a TPS College (dual … Read more


Provided in partnership with Belhaven University, High Scholars is a Western Civilization humanities curriculum offered exclusively by TPS. This program integrates study of history, literature, composition, and art appreciation (with AP Art History option) — a two-year “Great Books” curriculum which provides a total of 6 high school credits and 24 college credits. It emphasizes … Read more

Integrated Humanities

History and Literature share a long relationship as the core “Humanities” and it is perhaps impossible to study one thoroughly without the other. This is why TPS offers a series of combined History and Literature courses from elementary through upper high school. The high school courses have the writing instruction integrated as well, so each HS … Read more

TPS Students Crush AP Exams!

Become an AP exam top scorer with TPS! We are gathering, checking, and analyzing the 2021 exam results. Preliminary analysis indicates that TPS continue to earn top AP exam scores worldwide. In addition to our prior courses holding or improving their scores, some of our new courses had exceptionally high scores: AP Computer Programming (2021): … Read more


About TPS ( Online classes since 1997 Grades 4 to 12 Complete curriculum or à la carte Live interactive classes Top scholarship + biblical worldview Timely effective teacher feedback AP® courses with top scores College dual credit courses High Scholars program (24 college credits) Accredited transcripts Diploma (standard or honors) option NCAA approved

Two Essential Skills for Success in High School and College

Academic success in high school — and in college preparation — depends on two essential skills. Almost all high school coursework is built on these two pillars. Almost all high school grades, including SAT/ACT scores, depend on the academic foundation laid in these two areas:  Analytical essay writing and Algebra/Geometry. Analytical Essay Writing Students often read … Read more