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TPS Constitutional Law – study current and landmark cases for HS credit

Do you want to become a more informed citizen ready to confront major Constitutional issues in the academic and public arena? Are you looking for a Spring Semester course for Social Studies credit? Consider TPS Constitutional Law.

Course Description

Do parents have the right to homeschool their children? Is there a constitutional right to same-sex marriage? Are there any limits to Executive Power? Is the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) constitutional? Are there any limits on the government’s ability to take private property for a “public purpose?” Does the Second Amendment apply to individuals or just the militia? Why is prayer no longer allowed in public schools? What does “separation of church and state” really mean? What limits may be placed on abortion? We will explore these questions and more by reading the leading Supreme Court and lower court opinions on these topics, exposing students to legal reasoning and the unique writing forms it takes. This class is updated in “real” time: if the Supreme Court hands down a relevant new decision, we will discuss it in class. Classes are taught using a “mild” Socratic method, so class participation is required. Students will learn how to read and brief cases, and will prepare case briefs for all the major cases that we read.

The class is taught from an Originalist perspective, and other viewpoints are presented. Constitutional Law is for the student or parent who wants to become a more informed citizen and desires to thoughtfully confront major civic issues in the college and public spheres.This course is well-suited to parents taking it with their older students, as it prompts many of the subjects parents often want to discuss with their students prior to college.

Teacher Bio

Isha Youhas holds a BS in Biology and History from the University of Michigan and a JD and LLM in International Law from Duke Law School. Following law school, she clerked for Judge Andrew J. Kleinfeld on the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals where she helped draft legal opinions on voting rights, conspiracy, employment discrimination, death penalty, and securities cases, as well as a 5th Amendment takings case whose reasoning was later adopted by the US Supreme Court. See Brown v. Legal Foundation of Wash., 538 U.S. 216 (2003). Following her clerkship, she practiced corporate law and securities enforcement law at a large law firm in Washington, D.C. For twelve years, she represented companies and individuals before the Securities & Exchange Commission and other regulators. Among her clients were public companies, major and regional investment banking firms, and investment advisers involved in accounting fraud, insider trading, and securities fraud matters. Mrs. Youhas has also done pro bono work for the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. She has previously taught US History, US Government, and Constitutional Law to homeschool students.

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