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Algebra (Honors)

In this course students will develop a deeper understanding of critical mathematical thinking through an emphasis on reasoning, analysis and problem-solving. Classes will engage students with visual and dynamic activities. Topics include manipulation of variables in expressions and equations, order of operations, data analysis, operations with rational numbers, solving equations, solving inequalities, inverse variation, writing function rules, rate of slope and change, writing linear equations, graphing absolute value equations, linear inequalities, properties of exponents, polynomials, factoring, quadratic equations, radical equations, and rational expressions. Students will further investigate honors topics in performing regressions, right triangle ratios, trigonometric ratios, graphing functions with limited domains, advanced factoring techniques and basic arithmetic and geometric sequences. Throughout the course, students will learn to recognize and clarify mathematical structures to translate a physical problem into mathematical terms. Students will be able to solve practical problems and represent situations algebraically with a synergistic emphasis of visual representation of algebraic concepts, manipulation of algebraic equations, and application of patterns in modeled situations. Students will also learn to check the reasonableness of solutions and devise independent ways of verifying the results as they apply to problem-solving situations. Successful completion of this course will give students the foundation they need for all honors high school and college math and science courses that require Algebra as a prerequisite.
Note: This Honors course is designed to prepare students for Calculus in high school or college. It has more conceptual topics than the Standard course, and spends less time on review and practice of fundamentals.
Curriculum Note: TPS uses the award-winning Elayn Martin-Gay High School Series (AGA). The Martin-Gay series is one of the few curricula (out of the many we reviewed) that has scope and level we require, including standard and honors level. It follows well from the Math Mammoth series we use in our Math Fundamentals and Pre-Algebra courses. It features a rich set of thousands of supplemental videos to aid self study. And it includes excellent on-line MyMathLab resources, which is the same platform already used by TPS Precalculus and Calculus. (This information should not be used for ordering materials, as TPS will be providing special bundle ISBN’s required for ordering.)