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American History, Lit, and Comp (Honors)

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English Language Arts, History, Honors, Literature and Media, Writing and Composition

Using an integrated approach to American history and literature from colonial beginnings through the 20th century, this course explores the big questions of American history: What motivated the colonists to leave the familiar for the new world? How did a biblical worldview influence the writing of the Constitution? How have those ideas shaped the formation of the early republic and the continuation since? Corresponding to the history is an in-depth examination of the great works of American literature from Puritan poets and preachers, to political pamphleteers, to the writers who shaped the infant nation’s creative explosion during the 19th-20th centuries. Students will discover how average farmers, pastors, merchants, politicians, journalists, and fisherman developed a distinctly American style and voice through non-fiction, poetry, short stories, and Great American Novels. The course also teaches analytical essay writing at the TPS English 3 level. In addition to essays, students will analyze the significant historical events using primary sources and scored discussions. Students will learn to read scholarly non-fiction books, learn to discern reliable sources, and learn to write a research paper with an effective argument. Students will also engage in a constructive process of self-evaluation and editing. A TPS English 3 level course is the most essential English course a student will take in high school because it will raise essay grades in all of the courses taken after it. This two-credit course covers English 3 analytical writing, American Literature, and U.S. History all in one great and challenging course.

Notes and Requirements
Grade Levels*:
9, 10
(* Determined by Date of Birth and declared Grad Year. Enrollment outside these grade levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.)

EFL Program: Students with EFL-A Tutoring may not take this course.

Transcript Planning: On a transcript, this integrated course lists as two Honors courses — an English course credit and a History course credit.

Reviews from Students and Parents

“This fantastic course should be considered by any student interested in American History and Literature. The teacher clarifies and greatly expands on the material covered outside of class, helping students to gain new insight into the topics discussed, all while keeping history fun. The teacher expands on the literature as well, providing insight into the author’s backstories and the reason behind their works of literature. The class atmosphere stays respectful and friendly even when controversial topics are brought up. The writing section of the class allows students to dive more deeply into the literature of the periods in history covered, allowing them to create opinions and take stances on historical topics.”