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AP European History

This course is a survey of the political, diplomatic, cultural/intellectual, social, and economic/commercial history of Europe from 1450 to the present. This quintessential history course covers kings, revolutions, the Reformation, great art, science, mathematics, three world wars, colonialism, and more. Students will complete the course with increased understanding of the influence Europe had in shaping the contemporary world. Students can expect to develop their analytical skills with primary and secondary sources of many types (writings, maps, art, film, graphs, tables, and more) and expand their abilities to evaluate different points of view. This course is taught by an experienced grader for AP history exams. It covers all content required for the AP exam, utilizes the practice questions and tests provided by the College Board, and provides detailed feedback on the writing process required to do well on the exam essay questions.
Flexible Scheduling: This course may be taken with live class attendance reduced or waived (recording only) if the student has a time zone or schedule conflict. Select this option when you enroll or notify TPS for approval.
Twice the Teaching: This course now provides two class days of instruction each week — twice as much as before.
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