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Art 2 - Drawing 2

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Art and Digital Graphics

This course introduces students to advanced classical and contemporary drawing techniques and concepts. Students will build upon the knowledge and experience acquired in TPS Art 1 – Drawing 1 in order to create works that demonstrate a growing competency in drawing from observation, including still-life, landscape, and the human figure. Drawings will be geared towards realism, but other drawing styles could be explored with instructor approval. Linear perspective, compositional structure, figure/ground integration, spatial perception, critical thinking, and analytical skills will be emphasized. The course will cover major styles and movements in historical context to help the student respond critically to contemporary drawing. Drawing projects, class critiques, daily drawing, and instructor feedback will assist the student in establishing an individual and expressive voice.

Grade Levels*:
9, 10, 11, 12
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
• Successful completion (75% or higher) of TPS Art 1 - Drawing 1
━ OR ━

• Teacher approval based on review of Readiness Questionnaire

Notes and Conditions

Suggested Preparation: Successful Completion of TPS Art 1 – 2D Design prior to this course is recommended for students working toward Art 3 – Advanced Portfolio.

“I had never found an art class I was truly satisfied with until I took this class! As an advanced artist with over 10 years of experience, I had become disillusioned with art classes after taking a variety of courses offered near me. Every one of them always seemed to dance on the basic principles of art, and I never felt that I was truly pushed to improve as an artist in these classes. This was completely different. What was so unique about this course was that it looked not just at developing the artistic skills involved in drawing, but also at improving creativity and originality, developing meaningful pieces, learning to problem-solve, and other skills I’ve never been taught in other art classes. The teacher possesses the kindness and patience needed for art teachers, and because she does not grade on the basis of talent, this class is equally helpful to artists with 2 years of experience and 10 years of experience. I could not recommend this course enough to those who are looking to improve their art but don’t know what the next step is.”

Ella B

“…the teacher amazingly works well with all levels of artists – she sees where we are in our journeys and helps us grow from there. She offers suggestions and feedback that help us think about our piece in new ways, but doesn’t pressure us to make changes unless we think it’s what’s best for the piece. She teaches us to make good decisions in our art, she teaches us skills and techniques, she gives us so many artists and techniques to explore as inspiration, and she creates a great atmosphere for us to critique each others’ work in – in a way that helps us grow and learn. I tried so many new techniques and concepts this semester, and I’ve grown so much.”

Laura C

“After taking Art 1 Drawing 1, I was able to plan out a compelling composition, find references, and accurately craft a drawing using graphite. In Art 2, I took my toolbox of skills and explored. I went from creating compositions using the rules I had learned to breaking those rules to create specific emotions in my viewers. I experimented with media such as watercolor, white charcoal, and marker. I learned to effectively tell a story visually, which, in essence, is the whole purpose of art. I now feel better equipped to enter the world as a Christian artist with something to say.”

Ava D

“This class is INCREDIBLE!! It really builds and expands upon the material learned in Art 1 Drawing 1. I went from being an average artist who didn’t know much about how to make my art more accurate to becoming more and more of the artist God created me to be, sharing His Hope through each piece I do. I learned how to creatively weave God’s Word into my art pieces without being cliche or stereotypical so that I can bring a fresh perspective to the table. I also learned a ton more about values, development, and where accuracy comes from–MEASURING 😉 I had nothing but a blast in this class!”

Nicole S
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