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Art 2 - Drawing 2

This course introduces students to advanced classical and contemporary drawing techniques and concepts. Students will build upon the knowledge and experience acquired in TPS Art 1 – Drawing 1 in order to create works that demonstrate a growing competency in drawing from observation, including still-life, landscape, and the human figure. Drawings will be geared towards realism, but other drawing styles could be explored with instructor approval. Linear perspective, compositional structure, figure/ground integration, spatial perception, critical thinking, and analytical skills will be emphasized. The course will cover major styles and movements in historical context to help the student respond critically to contemporary drawing. Drawing projects, class critiques, daily drawing, and instructor feedback will assist the student in establishing an individual and expressive voice.
Note: Successful Completion of TPS Art 1 – 2D Design prior to this course is recommended for students working toward Art 3 – Advanced Portfolio.