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Chemistry Problem Solving

This is an optional class accompanying the general Chemistry course. This highly interactive class allows students to ask questions and strengthen their understanding of content as presented in the TPS general Chemistry course. The class time is used to review and reteach important concepts through recitation, repetition and guided practice. Content objectives, homework, labs, and tests are the main topics of discussion. The class also enhances study skills, nurtures critical thinking, and affords much practice in problem solving. Each session provides opportunity to create a study guide for upcoming Chemistry assignments and tests.
Note: This course is designed to accompany TPS Chemistry (non-honors). It may not be taken separately, and may not be taken with TPS Chemistry (Honors).
Attendance Optional: This course is relaxed in attendance and has no assignments. You may also take the class by recording only — please select this option when you enroll to facilitate our management of live class size.