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Chinese 2 Language and Culture (Honors)

Huan Ying! Welcome to Chinese 2! This course will strengthen the foundation that is built in Chinese 1 by continuing to review past topics and building upon them with new topics. New topics include talking about the weather, food, directions, travel, and more! We will also learn new grammar structures and improve each student’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Reading and writing will be done in simplified Chinese characters with traditional texts and vocabulary available for reference. We will continue to discuss many interesting facets of Chinese culture and life. Through this course students will gain confidence and comfort in using Chinese. They will know enough about the language and culture to decide whether they want to take their Chinese learning journey to the next level!
Schedule Planning: Chinese 1 and 2 are taught in alternating two-year time blocks. For example, in 2023-24, Chinese 1 is 1:15 pm ET. and Chinese 2 is 8 am ET. In 2024-25, Chinese 2 will be 1:15 pm ET and Chinese 1 will be 8 am ET. In 2025-26, Chinese 2 will be 8 am ET and Chinese 1 will be 1:15 pm ET again. This alternating two-year plan provides students in various time zones an opportunity to take both Chinese 1 and 2 sequentially at the same time in their time zone during their grade 8-12 years.