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Chinese 3 Language and Culture (Honors)

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Global Language, Honors

Ready to take on Chinese 3? This course is for motivated students who have enjoyed learning the basics of Mandarin listening, speaking, reading, and writing and desire to take their learning to the next level! In this course we will build upon your Chinese foundation not only by learning new vocabulary and grammar, but also by having meaningful discussions about school, family, life, travel, and being a teenager. Reading and writing will be done in simplified Chinese characters with traditional texts and vocabulary available for reference. We will also spend more time looking at the Bible in Chinese and develop a deeper vocabulary to do so. Are you ready to use Chinese to share about your own opinions and experiences? See you in Zhongwen 3!

Notes and Requirements
Grade Levels*:
10, 11, 12
(* Determined by Date of Birth and declared Grad Year. Enrollment outside these grade levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.)
Reviews from Students and Parents

“I took Chinese 1 as a Freshman and just finished Chinese 3 as a Junior. I have loved every minute of it! The teacher is terrific and does a wonderful job teaching students to speak, read and understand Chinese as well as explore Chinese culture. If you are interested in learning Chinese or becoming more proficient, I recommend you take this class!”

Wesley D

“This was the best Chinese course I have done. I have tried other courses but it isn’t the same. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to be able to speak, read, and write basic Chinese.”

Emma J