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College Art Appreciation

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Art and Digital Graphics, College Dual Credit

This course focuses on the history of art from ancient times to the present from a holistic and global perspective. Students will study the major movements, artists, forms, styles, techniques, and influences that have shaped art from the earliest existing records of human expression. Necessary vocabulary and visual analysis skills will be emphasized for the purposes of describing form, content, function, and context of pieces, and for reading artist’s intent of expression in works and comparing and contrasting different artworks within and between cultures. Theories and interpretations of art will be examined from the viewpoints of both artist and audience. Thematic studies will guide students to see common threads in human expression across cultures and time. Students will also explore ways art and architecture facilitate worship and reinforce values. The course will investigate the connection of art to world religious and philosophical traditions to build a framework for the examination of myriad artworks.

Grade Levels*:
10, 11, 12
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
Notes and Conditions

AP Art History Exam: Students preparing for the AP Art History exam should enroll in TPS AP Art History instead of this course.

College Credit: This course is pre-approved for college credit (Belhaven ART 215, 3 credits). Upon successful completion of this course, the student may apply for a college transcript from Belhaven University for this course. These transcripted credits may be transferred to other colleges. More information is here.

Flexible Scheduling: This course may be taken with live class attendance reduced or waived (recording only) if the student has a time zone or schedule conflict. Select this option when you enroll or notify TPS for approval.

“This course opened my eyes to the deeper underlying beauty of art throughout history. As someone who had no interest in learning about it at first, I am absolutely shocked on how much this class has been able to become one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken during the entirety of my high school history! This class will help you to view art in very intellectually challenging and exciting way! I also enjoyed making connections with how our history in art has impacted artists today. Please take this class!”

Chrissa L

“This course really opened my mind to the art world and taught me how to analyze different works of art. I can now view artwork with context, form, content, etc. in mind. The teacher is so passionate about art and it really shows through the work she puts into her lectures and slides! If you are looking for a new way of looking at art, this is the course for you.”

Dorothy L

“This course took me on a journey through the art of many cultures and time periods. This journey completely transformed my view of art; I am no artist, but I walk away from this course with absolute respect for art.”

Noah M

“This course not only impacted the way I viewed art, but it also impacted the way I viewed the world. I would recommend this class to anyone who will be pursuing a career or degree in the arts. Having a thorough understanding of art history is crucial to your understanding and approach to your own art in the modern world. The teacher does a fantastic job at relating to her students and gracefully and patiently working with them to ensure they are getting the most out of this course.”

Elizabeth D

“As an art lover and a history lover, I really liked this course! Strongly recommend it! I think everyone who takes this course will gain a lot from it, no matter whether you are going into an art career or just have an interest in art. 🙂 This course is a fantastic chance to study great art works, famous artists, and the thoughts, cultures, and traditions behind the art. Plus a great teacher!”

Erica Z
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