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Eastern Kingdoms - A Survey of Asia's History

Are you curious about…the development of yoga? The invention of fireworks and the cannon? The real story of Mulan? An ocean-going naval explorer 80 years before Columbus? The story of Indian curry? The origin of manga? The birth of Korean hangol writing? These and many more interesting topics are studied in this exciting course which focuses on the histories of India, South Asia, China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia from around 2000 years ago to the present day. This snapshot tour will not only consider events, but also seek to understand why Asian cultures developed as they have. We will learn to appreciate diverse cultures – including their art, literature, societal structures, customs, architecture, religion and ethical systems. We will be challenged to consider civilizations with worldviews that are quite different from a western worldview, helping us to understand how 4 billion people “see things” today. In doing so, we will also reflect on what this teaches about our own cultures, history, and worldview.