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Elementary Humanities - History and Literature of the Ancient World

Would you like to walk alongside Pharaoh as the Pyramids are being built? Have you ever been interested in the gods of Ancient Greece or the religion practiced by Mesopotamians? Perhaps you’d like to follow the Israelites through the desert or learn more about the daily life of Ancient Romans? In this course, we will study the world’s most well known civilizations, including the first nomads, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. Rather than just memorizing facts from the past, we’ll dive in together to explore themes and cultural universals from each period of time. What foods did they eat? What myths and stories provided a foundation for their religious beliefs? How were families structured? What were the governments like? Our study of the Ancient world will be enhanced by considering art and music from each period, and especially the stories and writings from each civilization. We’ll explore perspective, narrative, theme, imagery and how these enhance our knowledge of the ancient world. Essays, creative projects, and discussion will accompany each unit as a way for students to engage in the impact that these civilizations have on our lives even today!
Note: This humanities course includes some writing. To better prepare students for writing, we recommend students also take TPS Writing Fundamentals 5 or Writing Fundamentals 6 while taking Elementary Humanities.
注意: 本课程并未专门为学生准备其他 TPS 课程,也不满足任何 TPS 课程的英语先决条件。寻求提高学术英语水平的学生应按照学生当前的学术英语水平和背景参加写作基础课程或 EFL-I 课程。