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Elementary Spanish 2 Through Sight and Sound

This course provides a fun and engaging continuation of study of a language that is spoken around the world and right next door. It is the second course in a two-part Elementary Spanish sequence. Using the vocabulary and patterns learned in the first course, this course will again incorporate a strong visual component to help young learners communicate in Spanish. Class meets twice each week for forty-five minutes to provide repetition to strengthen the development of language skills. The first semester of the course begins with familiar verbs and vocabulary acquired in the first course, with focus on increasing understanding of plural forms in present tense. First semester also introduces students to discussing future plans with the “ir + a + infinitive” form, using idioms with tener, and referring to themselves with reflexive conjugations. Second semester adds more reading comprehension and dialogues including thematic vocabulary in conversations about school, clothing, family, travel plans, shopping, food, cooking and work. At the beginning of each class, students recite biblical verses in Spanish to develop pronunciation, intonation, and speaking skills. During class students, enjoy listening, reading and writing (typing full sentences) in Spanish as well as speaking in Spanish on the microphone for conversation practice. During home study time, students gain further practice and evaluation through listening/speaking exercises (chants, songs, dictation), worksheets, quizzes, and tests (written and audio).
Note: Students will be required to type in class to demonstrate understanding. Students should be able to type full readable sentences using the computer keyboard before the start of the class.
Note: This class provides great preparation for the more rigorous middle school coursework of TPS Spanish 1A.