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English 1 Grammar Supplement (One Semester)

Because TPS English 1 Lit and Comp students vary in the level and depth of grammar they have previously studied, we offer this English 1 Grammar Supplement as an optional added live class session each week for the first semester. This session will provide additional instruction, reinforcement, and practice of the grammar lesson covered in a student’s English 1 class that week without any additional assignments or needed materials. As the whole period is dedicated to grammar study, students have plenty of time to ask questions and review in more depth. For families enrolled in English 1 Lit and Comp already, please consider enrolling in English 1 Grammar Supplement as well.
Note: This course is a supplement only for TPS English 1 Lit and Comp courses, not for any other courses, including TPS English 1 Confident Composition which uses a different curriculum and approach to grammar.
Attendance Optional: This course is relaxed in attendance and has no assignments. You may also take the class by recording only — please select this option when you enroll to facilitate our management of live class size.