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English 1 Lit and Comp - Unlikely Heroes

What makes someone a hero? Can everyday people be heroes, or is saving the day reserved for only those with superhuman strength or ability? Through classic literature that has engaged young readers for generations — The Bronze Bow, Treasure Island, A Christmas Carol, The Just So Stories, and the more recent inspirational God’s Smuggler — we will enter into the fascinating lives of heroic characters who do not expect or even seem likely to be heroes. Along the way, we’ll also learn literary analysis, grammar and writing — this comprehensive class covers all the elements of English Language Arts in a single course. For those reluctant writers who feel that nothing ruins a good story like an essay assignment, this course can help young writers build confidence and even learn to enjoy the creative and academic writing process. The teacher provides step-by-step direction, encouragement and individual feedback to help even the most reluctant writer find a voice in personal and formal expression. And since writing well requires functional knowledge of the mechanics of English, students learn practical grammar that puts them in charge of their word choices and sentence construction. This is a busy year, but it’s fruitful and fun. Students leave the course confidently ready to apply and develop their skills in analytical reading, expository writing, and effective self-expression.
Note: Do you want more grammar instruction to supplement TPS English 1? If you are enrolled in TPS English 1, please consider also adding TPS English 1 Grammar Supplement to your fall semester.
Note: If English is not your first language and you are considering this course to improve your English writing, please contact us to discuss taking this course (or a more suitable course) as part of our [urlnew=https://at-tps.org/subjects/efl]English as a Foreign Language[/urlnew] program.