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English 2 Lit and Comp - Uncommon Valor

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English Language Arts, Literature and Media, Writing and Composition

Come join our fascinating characters as they meet challenges and overcome obstacles with heroism and valor! This course provides a wide variety of experiences in literary analysis and literature studies through fantasy, science fiction, poetry, film, and drama. Written works include The Flight of the SkyCricket, Across Five Aprils, and Eragon. On the stage, the drama unit takes us through Edwardian England and its humorous social expectations in the hilarious satire The Importance of Being Earnest. We’ll also explore the world of Elizabethan English drama in a Shakespeare appreciation unit introducing you to the language and wonder of the famous bard. Composition focuses primarily on literary analysis (including some research) and claim-centered argumentation in academic writing. This course’s writing study also includes some grammar application with an emphasis on improving writing style. You will examine the rhetorical tactics used to persuade an audience, develop your voice in descriptive writing, and enhance your expository writing technique. As we navigate these intriguing stories and essential composition methods together, you will find that you possess more confidence as a student of literature and language arts.

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