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English 3 Lit Analysis and Comp - Intrigue and Illusion

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English Language Arts, Honors, Literature and Media, Writing and Composition

The process of writing the analytical essay is the most important skill set every student needs for success in high school and college. Yet even well-read students who write proficiently still struggle with the analytical essay process. English 3 writing objectives focus on developing literary and rhetorical analysis and written expression skills in order to analyze stories, articles, and film. Students will learn to recognize God’s truth in a variety of settings and character circumstances, both fictional and real. The lively literature discussions include exploring complex relationships between society and technology in Bradbury’s profound novel Fahrenheit 451; uncovering sacrificial heroism in the novella Babette’s Feast; considering the complex cultural roles as portrayed in the Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the film Hidden Figures; and analyzing reality and illusion through one of the course’s “student choice” film options. In this course, students will learn to effectively research and critique sources, analyze textual evidence, form an effective thesis, outline sound arguments, and compose compelling academic essays with proper styling and formatting. Students systematically learn to develop every step of the analysis-thesis-essay process as well research techniques, organization methods, and writing style. Students will also engage in a constructive process of self-evaluation and editing. An English 3 course provides an essential foundation for any successive high school English courses at TPS. This course is also particularly good preparation for TPS English 4/5/6 Lit and Comp courses.

Notes and Requirements
Grade Levels*:
9, 10, 11
(* Determined by Date of Birth and declared Grad Year. Enrollment outside these grade levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.)

Course Sequence: This course is essential for high school students because it focuses on development of the analytical essay. Every TPS high school English or humanities student will either take this course or must demonstrate writing skill and experience equivalent to this course because these skills are required in every TPS upper high school English or humanities course (and in college and career). Students in grade 8 and below are better served in English 1 or English 2, which cover a broader range of writing skills and lay a stronger foundation for high school writing. Students below grade 9 will be referred to English 1 or English 2 Lit and Comp.

Standard vs. Honors: This course may be enrolled with an Honors option. The Honors option uses different assignments, requires more work, and is more difficult. It also has different Prerequisites and a different Readiness Assessment Test. If you want the Honors option, please follow the Prerequisites and Readiness Assessment process for that option, and please select the Honors option in your Cart when you enroll. The Honors option is not available for students assigned EFL tutoring.

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