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English 4/5/6 Advanced Comp - Style and Rhetoric (Honors)

If you take only one writing course in upper high school, make it this one! This rigorous course will challenge you to think analytically and put your ideas into writing with style and rhetoric. Part of what makes this course unique is the use of a wide variety of current texts and topics that affect today’s young adults. Students learn to analyze other writers’ arguments and ideas, then compose concise persuasive responses. Learning and practicing advanced tools of rhetoric and style, students will develop their own voice in effectively expressing analysis and argument. Students will not only hone academic essay writing skills, but also work in related genres such as writing reviews, proposals, and persuasive narratives. Students will learn to write clearly, concisely, and, most importantly, convincingly with passion and politesse. Upon completion of this course the student will be fully ready for TPS AP Language and Composition or any TPS English 4/5/6 or college dual credit course. This is also a great course to add to a literature or “great books” discussion program to strengthen your writing and rhetoric.
Note: Students typically take two or more English 4/5/6 courses. They may generally be taken in any order, though some sequences may be better for some purposes (e.g., preparation for a particular AP course). On a transcript, the courses will be listed to differentiate them in the best interest of the student while meeting guidelines of the applicable accrediting and certifying organization(s). Please consult TPS Support with questions about course sequence or transcripts.