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German 3 Language and Culture (Honors)

In German 3 students complete the foundation in German proficiency which they began building in German 1 and continued in German 2. In a lively, interactive classroom environment students will continue to develop their communication and comprehension skills. Students will learn to talk about health and personal care, to negotiate daily life in a modern German city, talk about careers and jobs and to discuss the natural world around them. These areas require students to develop enhanced proficiency, acquire new vocabulary and grammar skills and strengthen their control of vocabulary and grammar that they acquired in the first two years of German. Students will grow in their ability to comprehend and discuss a variety of longer written and audio texts. Students should be prepared to participate actively in weekly class sessions. In-class learning will be reinforced through weekly homework activities in the online workbook.
Note: Would you like to add more German cultural activities and conversational practice to German experience? Enroll in the German Language and Culture Club (4046) course along with this course.