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How to Get Away with Murder (Trial Law)

Alexander Hamilton once described the Constitutional right to a trial by jury as a “valuable safeguard to liberty” and “the very palladium of free government.” Why is this right considered a crucial safeguard to our free society? What happens if we lose it? Using skills from the TPS Street Law course, this course delves into the tantalizing inner workings of a criminal trial. In this interactive class, students will learn how a case is proven and how a criminal can get away with a crime. Students will analyze infamous trials and complete a variety of assignments, including legal memoranda and a motion argument, all leading up to a mock murder trial. Students will step into the minds of the significant players — police officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges — as they grapple with tragic facts, law, and politics in the courtroom.
Note: On an accredited transcript this course lists for credit as an Academic Elective.