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Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation History, Lit, and Comp (Honors)

To begin to understand a period, culture, civilization or people, we must examine their interconnected history, arts, writings, architecture, religion, economy, and government. Students of the western Middle Ages and Renaissance meet barbarians, conquerors, Crusaders, Reformers, monks, knights, lords, ladies, serfs, troubadours, and a host of other interesting people. They encounter cultural and intellectual movements such as feudalism, chivalry, Catholicism, the rise of Islam, the manor, and the Protestant reformations; great works of literature like Beowulf, the Saga of the Volsungs, the Divine Comedy, the Canterbury Tales, and the plays of Shakespeare reflect the culture of the age. This course will walk students through rich history – from the collapse of Rome and the Classical World to the radically transformative Renaissance and Reformation – and powerfully evocative literature, from Celtic and Norse myths and heroic legends to the poetry and prose of the Elizabethan period. Through the study of both history and literature, students will also develop critical thinking, research, and analytical skills, learn the components of persuasive arguments, and hone their skills in the composition of clear and sophisticated writing. Come learn about this amazing time in Western Civilization through an informative and interactive study which combines the people, places, events, and literature of the Medieval-Renaissance era – an era that witnessed the creation of Europe and the discovery of the New World, and which ultimately laid the essential foundations for the world we live in today. The course also teaches students how to write purposefully for various audiences and objectives, and develops their skills in researching and writing analytical essays.
Credit Note: On a transcript, this integrated course lists as two Honors courses — an English course credit and a History course credit.
Schedule Note: This course is offered in alternating years with Ancient (Bible World) History, Lit, and Comp. This course is offered next in 2024-25.