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Psychology and Counseling from a Biblical Perspective

What is psychology? How can it help me? How can it help me to help others? Is the study of psychology compatible with a Biblical worldview? This course examines the way God designed our brains to function, and how we can use a psychologically-based understanding of the brain to deepen our relationships with God and others, provide Godly counsel to others, and answer our own questions about how to live vibrantly in community. This course will be of special interest to those who are considering entering a “helping” vocation — such as counseling, social work, or psychology — by helping them learn biblically- and psychologically-based principles and strategies for aiding people struggling with crisis, loss, identity questions, failure, trauma, and other brokenness. Come along as we pick apart traditional beliefs about psychology, examine the marvelous ways God designed us to think and behave, and pull out some of the best scientific findings and scriptural principles to apply to our lives and helping others.
Note: This course involves study and discussion of mature and personal topics. Prior to enrolling, families should consider not only academic readiness, but also whether a student is personally ready to benefit from this course.
Note: On an accredited transcript this course lists for credit as an Academic Elective.