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Reading in Action 5

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Elementary Class, English Language Arts, Literature and Media

Taught by a reading and literacy expert, this highly interactive and engaging reading course empowers students to move beyond the act of just reading the words to become active learners who engage what they read. Through direct instruction, modeling, guided practice, class discussion, and shared reading, students learn to go deeper into their reading as an active process. Students develop an understanding of text categories and types, and apply specific comprehension strategies while reading an abundance of realistic fiction, fantasy, fables, folktales, poetry, and nonfiction selections. Ongoing teacher feedback guides students as they learn to reflect upon their own understanding. By generating questions, composing responses, building lap books, completing projects, and participating in meaningful discussion, students build enhanced comprehension. This course’s combination of teaching, text, talk, and tasks elevates students’ abilities to read strategically and think critically. As a result, students connect more deeply to literature and communicate their understanding in new and meaningful ways.

Grade Levels*:
5, 6
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
Notes and Conditions

English Language Arts: To form a complete elementary language arts program, add Writing 5 Adventures or Writing 6 Exploration to this reading course.

Grammar: If you want an interactive Grammar class with this course, please consider TPS Elementary Grammar.

注意: 本课程并未专门为学生准备其他 TPS 课程,也不满足任何 TPS 课程的英语先决条件。寻求提高学术英语水平的学生应按照学生当前的学术英语水平和背景参加写作基础课程或 EFL-I 课程。

“I really like this class. It grew my love for reading and my skills. The class challenged me but was not so difficult that it made the reading assignments unenjoyable. I am extremely thankful for this class and the things I have learned in it.”

Julia R

“I love Reading in Action 5! I like all the teachers for being very specific and detailed so I could learn better, and the wonderful books I got to read.”

Samuel X

“This class is AWESOME!!!!!!”

Micah L

“I loved how I got to be doing something I thought I hated, school, with one of the things I do to calm myself down, reading, and now I realize that it is fun to do school. The teacher is the best I have had in talking about books so far.”

Moriah E

“The assignments are packed with purpose and interest. Our Reading in Action teacher is one of high creativity, and she teaches reading skills and so much more through this interactive course.”

Yuzhen X
Reviews from Students and Parents