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Spanish Conversations for Spanish 1A

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Global Language

One session of foreign language instruction a week is good for some, but not optimal for others. Do you feel that your TPS Spanish 1A student would benefit from more review of the vocabulary taught in the weekly lesson, more time to ask questions, and more opportunity to practice conversational skills to promote mastery? Then make the most of your student’s Spanish language learning experience by participating in this language lab! Spanish Conversations for Spanish 1A is a 90 minute weekly session intended to be taken alongside the TPS Spanish 1A course to provide students with a second weekly time of live interaction and conversation with the instructor and other students. Students will use vocabulary taught in their Spanish 1A class to practice conversing with one another and to reinforce Spanish grammar understanding. Using pictures, cartoons, newspaper articles, and language websites, students will engage for 90 minutes with classmates in Spanish. No new material will be presented and no additional outside work is required. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your one-session-per-week course into a two-session-per-week course! This is offered during the spring semester only.

Grade Levels*:
7, 8
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.

• Concurrent enrollment in TPS Spanish 1A Language and Culture

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“This was my favorite course of the year. I really enjoyed the time we got on mic to practice our Spanish, and I liked getting to bond with my classmates with fun games and such, so I’d highly recommend it! It was a lot of fun getting to talk and I always looked forward to this class each week.”

Harmony H

“Out of all three of my classes, this one was my very favorite. It was a good way to get to know people and at the same time learn Spanish. The games were very fun and I was sad whenever the class was over. My only complaint was that I didn’t have it every day.”

Matai G

“Spanish Conversations was a great class to take with the Spanish Language and Culture class. It has more fun activities and good ways to study with your classmates. I think if I had not taken this class, I would struggle a lot more in my Spanish Language and Culture class.”

Clara H

“This one-semester course helps with enhancing understanding, as well as additional practice. Saying the vocabulary out loud and practicing with other students in breakout rooms embeds the material more clearly in your brain. A highly recommendable add-on!”

Evangelina S

“This course was awesome because it gave me the chance to actively speak Spanish with a group of other kids, which honed my pronunciation skills. The exercises we did were fun and engaging.”

Josiah B

“This course is incredibly interactive. You learn how to pronounce each word that you need to learn, and you get to memorize Bible verses in Spanish.”

Domonique M
Reviews from Students and Parents