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Dual Credit Courses

TPS College (dual credit) courses and details

The links below take you to the course catalog details for each course, including the Belhaven University course number and name so you may cross-reference information as needed. The detailed steps and timelines for obtaining the college credit and transcript from Belhaven University for a TPS College (dual credit) course is found in the College Credit Transcripts process instructions.

Integrated Humanities
Belhaven High Scholars (24 English/History/Humanities credits)

Literature and Composition
College Composition (3 credits)
College British Literature and Composition (3 credits)
College American Literature and Composition (3 credits)
College Creative Writing (3 credits)

College Math – Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)
Precalculus/Trigonometry (3 credits)
Calculus AB (3 credits)
Calculus BC (6 credits – two semesters of college Calculus, each awarded 3 credits)

College U.S. History (3 credits)
College Contemporary World History (3 credits)

Social Science
College Psychology (3 credits)

Foreign Language
French 3 (3 credits – fourth semester college French)

College Music Theory (3 credits)

Art History and Appreciation (3 credits)