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New and Improved for 2023-24

Are you new?

If you’re new to TPS, welcome! We welcome the opportunity to meet with you prior to or during your first enrollment to provide helpful orientation, academic advising, course selection and placement assistance, and general support to help make your entry experience successful and efficient.

Returning Family?

If you’ve been with us before, welcome back! We encourage you to review our site and explore our course catalog, both of which have improvements, changes, and updates. Here is a short summary of changes or updates:

Our Courses Your Way – Take our great courses with your individual grading standards and without credit-based requirements (e.g., exam proctoring, lateness penalties). Enjoy our excellent course instruction, evaluation, and feedback using your own homeschool transcript. You may choose this option individually for each course when you enroll, or you may switch from TPS credit to your own credit standards during the course.

Individual Goals and Readiness – Our Readiness Assessment serves each student with courses that match his or her individual background, readiness, and goals. To improve this process, we have added more humans and removed automation. We work with you to get your students into courses that match their individual goals and academic readiness.

Flexible Scheduling for AP and College Dual Credit courses – If you have a schedule or time zone conflict for a TPS AP or College course, you may enroll with relaxed or waived attendance. Select “Recording Only” as an option when you enroll the course.

AP Courses with twice the teaching – Nearly every TPS AP course now provides two days of instruction each week (plus flexible scheduling option) — twice as much as before for many courses.

Registration Fee is now paid with the first enrollment of the academic year. You may also pay it in advance if you prefer not to be interrupted when you enroll.

New and Unique Courses – We have added some exciting entirely new courses, and we have overhauled or replaced some of our older courses. We also have many unique courses that you will not find anywhere else.