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Assistance Outside of Class

Will my TPS teacher provide help outside of class? As a general principle, the tuition fee covers expert in-class teaching, fair and thoughtful grading, and timely effective feedback. It also provides for limited help outside of class. It does not provide for extended or recurring individual help or general academic remedial help. We expect that … Read more

Providing Feedback on a TPS Course or Teacher

We appreciate feedback, both positive and constructive. For every course each year, we provide every enrolled student the opportunity to offer both positive testimonial and critical feedback specific to that class that year. For more immediate matters, both positive and critical, we encourage immediate feedback that we may act upon before it is too late … Read more

Emails and Class Messages

News and Announcements: We send school-wide announcements, mailing list announcements, and newsletters by a professional mail list that conforms to spam and bulk mail guidelines by allowing users to unsubscribe by clicking a link. If you do not receive mailing list announcements from us, then you have probably unsubscribed yourself or accidentally blocked your email … Read more

Proctoring Tests at Home

TPS allows tests to be taken at home without the use of intrusive or complex security systems like cameras or lock-down browsers. In order to maintain a credible accountable process without external intrusiveness, TPS requires parents of students in High School and Middle School courses to proctor all major tests. Purpose and Benefit of Proctoring … Read more

Learning Accommodations

TPS can support learning accommodations that do not require the course content, standards, or schedule to be adjusted, or the teacher to perform extra instruction or tutoring. Supportable accommodations include extended testing time or use of a local reader for testing. TPS is not equipped to support accommodations that require the content, evaluation standards, or … Read more

College Credit Transcripts

College Transcript from Belhaven University In partnership with Belhaven University, TPS offers many courses for dual high school and college credit (please see the complete list). The process and timeline for receiving a college transcript from Belhaven University for a TPS College course is: TPS students planning to seek Belhaven University credit must register with … Read more

Technical Requirements for Classes

Internet. 1 Mbps or higher stable internet is recommended (slower speeds work but reduce the quality of the class, and higher speeds improve the class experience). We recommend fiberoptic or cable internet. DSL is the next best option. Mobile broadband can work if the signal is strong and stable, but will have a reduced class … Read more

Grading Scale, GPA, and Credits

A scale for grades and credits should be included with any submitted transcript. Colleges don’t regard one grading or credit scale more highly than another (so there is no advantage to a scale that assigns more credits or higher GPA’s to honors or AP courses), but colleges do need to see a scale for how … Read more

Due Dates and Deadlines

Purpose One of the most important skill sets for a student or employee is that of submitting work correctly on time. Talent and potential are not actualized if they are not converted to a timely and complete work product. This set of skills is developed through training and practice. It may be improved by effort … Read more

Parent Responsibilities

We understand parents to be responsible for their children’s education, regardless of the medium they choose. We assume parents will actively supervise their children as necessary in all aspects of our courses, including deadline management and academic performance. We also assume parents will remain aware of and responsible for their children’s behavior during class time … Read more