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Recorded Classes

TPS courses are specifically designed to be taken live and interactively. We encourage and expect students to pay attention, participate, and take notes in class. We record our classes in case a student misses one occasionally (more information about class absences or missed classes is here). Our intent is for students to be able to … Read more

Academic Integrity

For a reported grade or evaluation to be meaningful it must represent the individual work of the student without external resources or assistance. TPS understands each student, including close siblings, to be unique individuals whose talents must be developed and evaluated individually. Unless the teacher provides explicit special accommodations in writing: All submitted work must … Read more

Audit and Drop Options

Audit Option If a student would like to benefit from the instruction and feedback of a particular course but not do all the work associated with that course, we will on a case-by-case basis consider an Audit option for that course. In the Audit option: Student participates in the class and submits any work (e.g., … Read more

Canceled Class Meeting

Since our courses are designed for independent students, a course may have the occasional canceled class meeting without affecting the course progress or hindering student performance. In the event of a canceled class meeting: Notification will be via StudyPlace class message. A recording may be provided (in the StudyPlace Recordings tab). Due dates and deadlines … Read more

Class Absence (Missed Class Meeting)

Our classes are intended to be taken synchronously (live), and regular attendance in live class meetings is required for each course. Since the classes are interactive discussions, many teachers even assign a participation grade. Missing an occasional class is not a problem, but missing many classes makes it difficult for even a strong student to … Read more

Obtaining Books, Materials, Labs and Other Resources

Where is the list of required books and materials for each class? In the Course Catalog details for each course there is a Resources and Materials section that lists the major items you need for each course (the lists are in the Course Catalog details so families can review and research the materials requirements before … Read more

Course Difficulty (Rigor) and Workload

How much time does a TPS course take each week? Our courses are designed to prepare students for top colleges, universities and careers. It is our mission to provide academically rigorous courses from a biblical worldview, because we want our students to know they are ready to do well when they get to college and … Read more

Accredited Transcript for Homeschool

Transcripts Any student of any nationality living anywhere in the world — including independent (home educated) students — can earn an accredited TPS high school diploma and a transcript recognized around the world. Transcript Planning Are you seeking the strongest high school transcript you can for your student? Please consider our recommendations for building a … Read more