Questions? Let's chat! Questions? Let's chat!

Switching Classes

Switching to an open section in the same course before wait lists are resolved (seven days prior to the start of the academic term) is straightforward and may be done by the live support team or with an email to TPS Support. All other switches are limited and require a written (email) request to TPS … Read more

Assistance Outside of Class

Will my TPS teacher provide help outside of class? As a general principle, the tuition fee covers expert in-class teaching, fair and thoughtful grading, and timely effective feedback. It also provides for limited help outside of class. It does not provide for extended or recurring individual help or general academic remedial help. We expect that … Read more

SAT Subject Tests

The College Board has eliminated the SAT Subject tests as of Jan 15, 2021. All previous and further efforts and emphasis are directed toward the corresponding AP exams.

Biblical Worldview in the Classroom

TPS strives for “faithful scholarship” that integrates academic excellence and a biblical worldview in a coherent seamless approach to education. Of course, this is easier said than done, and it is expected that even equally faithful people (and schools) will come to different approaches. This information provides some detail on how TPS implements a biblical … Read more

Emails and Class Messages

News and Announcements: We send school-wide announcements, mailing list announcements, and newsletters by a professional mail list that conforms to spam and bulk mail guidelines by allowing users to unsubscribe by clicking a link. If you do not receive mailing list announcements from us, then you have probably unsubscribed yourself or accidentally blocked your email … Read more

Building a Strong Transcript

“What are the best courses for a strong transcript?” “How many AP courses should I take for a strong transcript?” “Is it better to report GPA on a 5-point scale than a 4-point scale?” “If I take an AP course, do I have to take the AP exam?” “Is dual college credit better than high … Read more

When may I enroll?

Enrollment opening dates for each academic year are posted on our Academic Calendar. TPS opens enrollment starting in the spring (late March) to allow for careful planning and informed decisions prior to enrollment commitments. TPS carefully plans courses and hires teachers (if needed) during the winter in preparation for spring enrollment. We also plan ahead … Read more

When are class schedules posted for the upcoming academic year?

Class schedules for the upcoming year, including the Summer Term, Full Year Term, Fall Term and Spring Term, are posted just prior to the opening of Overseas Enrollment. Please consult our Academic Calendar for those dates each year. Please also note that based on enrollment demand throughout the spring and summer, we often open new … Read more

Do TPS classes use cameras?

Do I need a camera for class? Cameras are not required for our classes unless specified in the course description requirements. However, starting in 2021 cameras will be allowed for discussion portions of our live classes where there is considerable verbal interaction. There are pros and cons to cameras in the classroom: Conferencing video has … Read more

How TPS Chooses Textbooks and Curricula

TPS provides elementary through college courses that integrate scholarship and biblical faith in excellence. Every subject — Writing, Humanities, Math, Science, etc. — has knowledge and skills goals that can be planned, taught, and evaluated, at every level of every subject. TPS courses work from clearly-stated objectives, that are planned, taught, and evaluated at each … Read more