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Age and Grade Level Considerations

TPS lists Target Grade levels for each course in our catalog. Enrollments that are outside of these Target Grades require TPS written approval (an “Age/Grade Level Waiver”). The basis for these Target Grade levels and for requiring a waiver for enrollments outside of them are: Academic Level and Background Most courses assume a mastery of … Read more

Prerequisites, Placement and Matriculation

Prerequisites Judicious placement is essential to student success in any course. Prerequisites are provided to help students select the right level of course. To eliminate unnecessary testing and reviews, most TPS courses include Prerequisites that provide for automatic placement for students coming directly from prior TPS courses. Students who don’t meet the “automatic approval” criteria … Read more

Class Absence (Missed Class Meeting)

Our classes are intended to be taken synchronously (live), and regular attendance in live class meetings is required for each course. Since the classes are interactive discussions, many teachers even assign a participation grade. Missing an occasional class is not a problem, but missing many classes makes it difficult for even a strong student to … Read more

Obtaining Books, Materials, Labs and Other Resources

Where is the list of required books and materials for each class? In the Course Catalog details for each course there is a Resources and Materials section that lists the major items you need for each course (the lists are in the Course Catalog details so families can review and research the materials requirements before … Read more

How Wait Lists Work

Wait Lists provide a way for a student to try to get a preferred class time if the open times are not ideal for his or her schedule. Wait Lists also let us know when we need to open a new section to create more open seats in a course. Students on the Wait List … Read more

Course Difficulty (Rigor) and Workload

How much time does a TPS course take each week? Our courses are designed to prepare students for top colleges, universities and careers. It is our mission to provide academically rigorous courses from a biblical worldview, because we want our students to know they are ready to do well when they get to college and … Read more

How and When To Enroll

TPS opens enrollment starting in the spring (late March) to allow for careful planning and informed decisions prior to enrollment commitments. TPS carefully plans courses and hires teachers (if needed) during the winter in preparation for spring enrollment. We also plan ahead for adding new classes if the need arises during enrollment so we do … Read more

How To Pay

Please wait to pay for a course until you hold a seat in that course (i.e., not just on a wait list) and you have Placement Approval for that seat. You should submit placement approval materials promptly when you enroll, and you should receive approval notification within a week of submitting placement materials. For U.S. … Read more