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Listing TPS on a College Application or Other Form

General TPS is a U.S. accredited private school. We serve educational requirements for students in every U.S. state and worldwide. We support part-time enrollment (enrolling in some but not all courses for a student) or full-time enrollment (enrolling at least all of the student’s required core courses with TPS). We offer optional standard and honors … Read more

College or Scholarship Recommendations from TPS Teachers

For students in the TPS Diploma program, please consult your academic adviser if you have questions or requests regarding recommendations for college or scholarship applications… Every college or scholarship application should include an official transcript with school profile (from the school) and a description of extracurricular activities and accomplishments (from the student). When you request … Read more

Standardized Test Registration

… in seeking information about College Board or other standardized tests, use only current College Board or official web pages from the testing organization (e.g., ACT, CLT) for your guidance and information… The College Board and other testing organizations (e.g., ACT, CLT) are continually updating their processes, particularly as they apply to home educated students. … Read more

Building a Strong Transcript

“What are the best courses for a strong transcript?” “How many AP courses should I take for a strong transcript?” “Is it better to report GPA on a 5-point scale than a 4-point scale?” “If I take an AP course, do I have to take the AP exam?” “Is dual college credit better than high … Read more

Applying to College

Unless you are enrolled in a state-registered public or private high school, you should apply to U.S. colleges as a home educated student. Unless you are enrolled in a state-registered public or private high school, then you are “home educated” according to U.S. state laws. Even if you are a homeschooler taking most of your … Read more

College Credit Transcripts

College Transcript from Belhaven University In partnership with Belhaven University, TPS offers many courses for dual high school and college credit (please see the complete list). The process and timeline for receiving a college transcript from Belhaven University for a TPS College course is: TPS students planning to seek Belhaven University credit must register with … Read more

Grading Scale, GPA, and Credits

A scale for grades and credits should be included with any submitted transcript. Colleges don’t regard one grading or credit scale more highly than another (so there is no advantage to a scale that assigns more credits or higher GPA’s to honors or AP courses), but colleges do need to see a scale for how … Read more