Questions? Let's chat! Questions? Let's chat!

Switching Classes

Switching to an open section in the same course before wait lists are resolved (seven days prior to the start of the academic term) is straightforward and may be done by the live support team or with an email to TPS Support. All other switches are limited and require a written (email) request to TPS … Read more

Assistance Outside of Class

Will my TPS teacher provide help outside of class? As a general principle, the tuition fee covers expert in-class teaching, fair and thoughtful grading, and timely effective feedback. It also provides for limited help outside of class. It does not provide for extended or recurring individual help or general academic remedial help. We expect that … Read more

SAT Subject Tests

The College Board has eliminated the SAT Subject tests as of Jan 15, 2021. All previous and further efforts and emphasis are directed toward the corresponding AP exams.

Providing Feedback on a TPS Course or Teacher

We appreciate feedback, both positive and constructive. For every course each year, we provide every enrolled student the opportunity to offer both positive testimonial and critical feedback specific to that class that year. For more immediate matters, both positive and critical, we encourage immediate feedback that we may act upon before it is too late … Read more

Biblical Worldview in the Classroom

TPS strives for “faithful scholarship” that integrates academic excellence and a biblical worldview in a coherent seamless approach to education. Of course, this is easier said than done, and it is expected that even equally faithful people (and schools) will come to different approaches. This information provides some detail on how TPS implements a biblical … Read more

Emails and Class Messages

News and Announcements: We send school-wide announcements, mailing list announcements, and newsletters by a professional mail list that conforms to spam and bulk mail guidelines by allowing users to unsubscribe by clicking a link. If you do not receive mailing list announcements from us, then you have probably unsubscribed yourself or accidentally blocked your email … Read more

Listing TPS on a College Application or Other Form

General TPS is a U.S. accredited private school. We serve educational requirements for students in every U.S. state and worldwide. We support part-time enrollment (enrolling in some but not all courses for a student) or full-time enrollment (enrolling at least all of the student’s required core courses with TPS). We offer optional standard and honors … Read more

College or Scholarship Recommendations from TPS Teachers

For students in the TPS Diploma program, please consult your academic adviser if you have questions or requests regarding recommendations for college or scholarship applications… Every college or scholarship application should include an official transcript with school profile (from the school) and a description of extracurricular activities and accomplishments (from the student). When you request … Read more

Standardized Test Registration

… in seeking information about College Board or other standardized tests, use only current College Board or official web pages from the testing organization (e.g., ACT, CLT) for your guidance and information… The College Board and other testing organizations (e.g., ACT, CLT) are continually updating their processes, particularly as they apply to home educated students. … Read more

Tax Deductions for TPS Tuition

Is TPS – The Potter’s School tuition a tax-deductible “qualified education expense” under U.S. federal or state law? Most likely for you it is not. For college expenses to be deductible, the college must provide a 1098-T. TPS College courses are dual credit, not dual enroll. Students do not enroll in the college to take … Read more