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Assistance Outside of Class

Will my TPS teacher provide help outside of class?

As a general principle, the tuition fee covers expert in-class teaching, fair and thoughtful grading, and timely effective feedback. It also provides for limited help outside of class. It does not provide for extended or recurring individual help or general academic remedial help. We expect that independent students will choose courses wisely considering their own level of readiness and willingness to do the level and amount of work, and their own local support and resources if additional help (e.g., tutoring) might be needed. Our readiness assessment process assists the student in choosing the right courses. We also have limited tutoring available for additional cost in writing (grade 9 and below) and math (below Precalculus).

Some examples of help you may expect or should not expect:

Student has a question about the instructions for a specific assignment, or a specific question about an assignment.

Student should be doing his work on time such that he can ask this question in class. He may email his teacher if class is already completed for the week, and he may expect a short answer within two weekdays.

TPS live support is also available 18+ hours per day during the school week to provide assistance with locating assignment information, submitting assignments, resolving procedural or technical problems with assignments or tests, and other student support.

Student does not understand the week’s topics and is unable to answer multiple questions from the week’s assignments.

Student should be doing his work such that he can ask conceptual questions in class and then complete his work outside of class. He may email his teacher if class is already completed for the week, and he may expect a short timely reply. However, the reply may not be sufficient to address significant topical misunderstandings or support timely completion of difficult assignments for a struggling student.

Student is generally struggling in a course. Parent requests a teacher meeting, plus extended or recurring teacher help for recovery and assistance.

Extended or recurring individual help or general academic remedial help is not covered in the class tuition rate. Teachers are not expected to meet with parents or students for individual remedial assistance or support.

There is some additional extended support for TPS diploma students, where TPS provides dedicated individual assistance in selecting courses, priority in enrolling courses, expert guidance and assistance in building and maintaining the transcript, and some assistance with general academic readiness plus some extra help with struggles in a particular course.

In summary, taking classes from home in a private low-cost a la carte approach like TPS is a wonderful opportunity that also comes with expectations that the family makes careful informed course choices and the student is able to work independently or with local support. TPS wants every student in our courses to be well-placed, reasonably challenged, expertly-taught, and fairly tested so he or she enjoys the rewarding experience of hard academic work accomplished well and certified by a respected transcript from our school with our worldwide reputation for academic excellence.