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Audit and Drop Options

Audit Option

If a student would like to benefit from the instruction and feedback of a particular course but not do all the work associated with that course, we will on a case-by-case basis consider an Audit option for that course. In the Audit option:

  • Student participates in the class and submits any work (e.g., reports, papers, exams) from the regular assignment schedule that the family wants evaluated.
  • Teacher will evaluate and provide feedback on any regular work submitted on time.
  • Teacher will grade submitted items to the same standard for all students, without making special grading standards for an incomplete assignment submitted by a student auditing the class.
  • TPS will not provide a semester grade or final grade, and provides no transcripted credit for an Audit course.
  • Audited class does not count as a prerequisite for a follow-on course in TPS, so a student who had audited a prerequisite course would have to pass applicable readiness assessment requirements to take a follow-on course, or would have to obtain special permission from the follow-on course’s teacher to accept the audited course as a prerequisite.
  • AP courses will generally not be approved for Audit. TPS College courses are not eligible for dual college credit if the Audit option is applied.
  • There is no reduced price for an audited course.
  • Teacher and TPS must approve the Audit option. Send email to TPS Support to request this.
  • Audit option requests, regardless of when they are made, are approved solely at the discretion of TPS. Audit option requests will generally not be considered after:
    • Summer course (6 class weeks): No restrictions
    • Full Year course (32 class weeks): Saturday at end of class week 24
    • Fall or Spring Term course (16 class weeks): Saturday at end of class week 12

Because students taking a class in an audit status may be less likely to take a follow-on course, we will accept non-audit students in priority over audit students, and we generally will not enroll Audit students until after August 1 (June 1 for summer classes).

Drop Option

We prefer an enrollment to be an informed decision with commitment to complete a course. In support of this expectation:

  • We provide sufficient information and interaction opportunity that you may know what you need to know before enrolling, including content, workload and materials.
  • We plan sufficient seating (and options for opening additional seats), so it is unnecessary to hold a seat as a pre-decisional contingency.
  • We design our courses and academic processes with features and options to help families maintain continuity of education during major changes such as relocations, medical accommodations, career change, natural disasters, family tragedy and hardship, and more.

All enrollments have non-refundable fees. Prior to processing a drop request, we offer alternatives (switches, audit, deferrals) to avoid or mitigate the fees. We waive fees and penalties at our discretion only in the event of unforeseeable and sudden change of circumstances (e.g., medical, time zone relocation) that make it impossible for the student to take the course in any section or mode TPS can offer. (Student schedule or preference changes, or other discretionary decisions or priorities, do not meet criteria for a waiver.)

Courses Dropped During Enrollment

A class may be dropped from the family account for a period of 1-2 days after enrollment. This self-management period is provided to allow a family to realize a conflict or reconsider preference and adjust their own class schedule during the enrollment. Changes after the self-management period must be arranged in writing with TPS Support. Although the self-management period is not specifically a grace period or a refundable period, non-refundable tuition is not charged for a self-managed drop in the self-management period (however, the registration fee is charged and not waived). Note also that Wait List seats never incur charges of any kind and may be self-managed at any time.

Courses Dropped Before the Start of the Term

If you are considering dropping a seat before the start of the Term, we recommend that you consider requesting to switch to a different course in the same subject instead. Switches have reduced or waived fees.

Course drops before the Term starts are subject to the following additional considerations:

  • If the course being dropped was used as basis for readiness verification in a concurrent course (e.g., a math course that supports a science course, or an English course that supports a history course), the concurrent course may also be dropped at TPS discretion to support TPS enrollment priorities.
  • If the course was enrolled as part of Multiple Course Early Enrollment, the drop may break the agreement and leave other early enrollments open to review and possible drop at TPS discretion to support TPS enrollment priorities.
  • Students with a significant history of uncompleted, quit, or failed courses may be requested to provide additional information prior to enrolling so we can better assist with enrollment planning.

Courses Dropped After the Start of the Term

If you are considering dropping a seat after the start of the Term, we recommend that you consider requesting to switch to Audit (see above) instead. Audit allows the student to benefit from the course learning without adverse on the transcript (you may request to omit an Audit course from the transcript). We will also consider a request made in reasonable time frame to switch to another course in the same subject (particularly if this is in the academic best interests of a struggling student).

Course drops after the Term starts are subject to the above provisions and conditions plus the following:

  • For a dropped course, all assignment data is removed and inaccessible.
  • No partial credit is available, regardless of when the course is dropped.
  • Dropped courses may be recorded as No Grade or Fail.
    • A Fail may be recorded for:
      • Summer Term courses dropped seven (7) days or later after the start of the Term.
      • Full Year courses dropped 42 days or later after the start of the Term.
      • Fall Term courses dropped 21 days or later after the start of the Term
      • Spring Term courses dropped 21 days or later after the start of the Term
    • Courses dropped for emergent or unforeseeable student or family medical needs will be dropped with No Grade.
    • Course switched to another course in the same subject will retain only the grade records from the new course.
    • Courses switched to Audit (i.e., not dropped) have no final grade, including no pass or fail designation.
    • For all other drops after the dates listed, TPS will make a determination between No Grade and Fail based on the individual circumstances and timing of the drop.

To initiate a drop request, send an email to TPS Support explaining the reason for the drop. (The live support team does not process drop requests.)