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Canceled Class Meeting

Since our courses are designed for independent students, a course may have the occasional canceled class meeting without affecting the course progress or hindering student performance. In the event of a canceled class meeting:

  • Notification will be via StudyPlace class message.
  • A recording may be provided (in the StudyPlace Recordings tab).
  • Due dates and deadlines remain in effect unless the teacher changes them in StudyPlace Assignments.
  • Students are not permitted to sit in on a different section of the same class.

Due to scheduling constraints, there is usually no live “make-up” for a canceled class. However, if class is canceled (or effectively lost) more than twice in a one-semester course or more than three times in a full-year course, we will schedule a make-up session for any subsequent canceled class. The make-up session, which will also be recorded, will be at a time that maximizes the number of students who can participate, but we do not guarantee that all students will be able to attend a make-up class.

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