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Class Absence (Missed Class Meeting)

TPS courses are designed for synchronous (live) attendance and participation. Academic credit for a TPS course assumes regular live attendance and participation. Missing an occasional TPS class is not a problem, but missing many classes may make it difficult for even a strong student to do well in a course. Missing many live class sessions may also invalidate credit for a course.

However, it is sometimes necessary for a student to miss a live class. It the responsibility of the parent to make this determination and report it to TPS. Notification must be made well in advance or as soon as reasonably possible. Planned absences that will miss two or more consecutive classes in the same course should be discussed with TPS Support in advance (if possible), including prior to enrolling (if known).

Timely thoughtful absence reports from parents ensure that in-class Participation grades (applicable to some TPS classes) will be waived for the reported class period. Also, if a student becomes at risk of losing graded credit for a course due to excessive absences, TPS commits to providing advance warning in direct response to the report from the parent. If a student has excessive consecutive or recurring unreported absences in a course, the course may be assigned a Fail grade or placed in Audit status (as determined solely by TPS) without prior notification.