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Emails and Class Messages

News and Announcements: We send school-wide announcements, mailing list announcements, and newsletters by a professional mail list that conforms to spam and bulk mail guidelines by allowing users to unsubscribe by clicking a link. If you do not receive mailing list announcements from us, then you have probably unsubscribed yourself or accidentally blocked your email address from our mailing list.

Enrollment, Billing, Admin/Tech Support: We send transactional (individual) emails for enrollment, billing, admin and tech. These emails go to the parent address(es). If you do not receive them, please make sure is in your email “whitelist”. (Enrollment and Billing emails are also posted in the family StudyPlace as Messages, for reference in case the email is lost or blocked.)

Class Group Communication: Group communication within a class, including teacher announcements, alerts, assignments, feedback, and grades, are posted as Messages within StudyPlace. Students regularly login to StudyPlace, and these Messages pop up for them immediately when they log in. These messages may be sent as email if they are urgent or intended for parents.

Class Individual Communication: Teachers post an individual Message to student and parent regarding course-related matters such as in-class participation, missed assignments, academic performance trends, request for meeting, and more. These individual Messages are also sent as email to the parent and student email addresses.

Managing Messages

Messages are automatically opened when you log into StudyPlace, so you will quickly see Announcements and Messages. We recommend that you process Messages regularly, marking as Read the ones you still want to keep in view but don’t need on top, and hiding those you no longer need in view at all. This way new Messages will be on top for you when you log in, and Messages you no longer need in view will be out of your way where you can still get to them later if you need them.

Regular Message processing helps ensure you will never miss anything important, including important updates. Students should check their Messages when they log in for class or assignments. Parents should check their Messages often as needed in overseeing their children’s classes, which will vary depending on the ages of the students and the level of the courses.

Email Security, Anti-spam Compliance, Response Time, and Support

TPS operates a secure mail server and requires teachers to manage their email on that server (not their individual computers). This maintains reliability of delivery and privacy of records for all email sent to a teacher’s address. This security and reliability is not maintained for emails sent to any other teacher address outside the TPS mail server.

Emails sent from are fully DMARC (strict) compliant and support rDNS lookup. TPS does not support manual challenge-and-reply, and should be whitelisted by the recipient where challenge-and-reply is in effect.

Emails sent to a address should receive a response within 1-2 weekdays (not including posted school breaks). If you do not receive a response in that time frame, then on or after the third weekday, please forward the entire original email (including all headers) to the original recipient(s) and include [email protected] in the CC line. TPS Support will assist with delivery and response. TPS will not support email addresses outside the domain or emails forwarded without the proper headers. TPS may also not support email replies that do not include the entire original email unmodified.

TPS complies with anti-spam and bulk email guidelines. We do not send bulk email unless it is through a subscribe/unsubscribe service.