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College or Scholarship Recommendations from TPS Teachers

TPS teachers are free to write any recommendations they want on their own, but they must get concurrence from TPS to use TPS letterhead or TPS’s name anywhere in the recommendation. TPS provides its teachers guidelines for any recommendation that will use TPS’s name or logo. These guidelines include:

  • Student must be in good standing in all TPS courses (as assessed by TPS staff).
  • A TPS recommendation must be academic and specific to the subjects studied in TPS, not personal or general character (personal or character recommendations should be obtained from people who know the student personally).

TPS teachers may submit TPS recommendations to the Common App process.

TPS Diploma students may expect priority support from TPS in getting recommendations from TPS teachers (assuming requests are made to teachers with reasonable lead time). Other students may request recommendations from TPS teachers, but TPS Support will not assist with the process.