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College Credit Transcripts

College Transcript from Belhaven University

In partnership with Belhaven University, TPS offers many courses for dual high school and college credit (please see the complete list). The process and timeline for receiving a college transcript from Belhaven University for a TPS College course is:

  1. TPS students planning to seek Belhaven University credit must register with Belhaven by April 15 during the academic year in which the course is taken (High Scholars students must register by Oct 1). The Belhaven application fee will be waived. Students who already have a Belhaven registration account from prior courses do not need to create a new one.
  2. TPS students planning to seek Belhaven University credit must notify TPS (email to [email protected]) by April 15 of which courses to report to Belhaven. (For the High Scholars course this request is not required, as those grades are reported automatically.)
  3. TPS will report final grades to Belhaven. Once this report is sent, no further requests may be submitted.
  4. Belhaven will bill registered students at $50 per credit hour.
  5. For BC Calculus only (not AB Calculus), the AP exam score is required for college credit. Students must report their AP exam score to TPS when it is received (early July).
    • In the cases where AP results are needed for college credit, those courses will initially receive an “I” (Incomplete) in Belhaven grade records (TPS course grade records are not affected).
    • Students must send their AP score to TPS for the Belhaven grade to be updated to a letter grade that matches the TPS grade. If the AP results are too low, no college credit will be granted and the student will be fully refunded by Belhaven.
    • Even if college credit is not granted, high school credit is still granted based on the TPS course grade.
  6. After June 7, students may request their transcripts from Belhaven at Belhaven’s standard transcript fee (around $15 per request).
    • There is no option for receiving a college transcript or college grade report (including mid-year reports) prior to this.
    • For BC Calculus, where the college transcript must wait for the AP score, the transcript is available 3-4 weeks after the AP score is provided to TPS.
  7. To transfer Belhaven university credits for a TPS College (dual credit) course to another college:
    • Usually all the receiving college requires is the transcript from Belhaven University. This transcript lists the Belhaven course, not the TPS course, so it is the Belhaven course credit being transferred.
    • If the receiving college asks for more information (e.g., a syllabus along with the Belhaven transcript), the Belhaven syllabus for the specific TPS course you completed will be available for download from your Belhaven student account (after your Belhaven transcript is processed — not before). This syllabus lists the academic content information for the TPS course with Belhaven course names and catalog ID numbers, so there is no ambiguity regarding the accuracy of the content or validity of the university credit.