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Course Difficulty, Workload, Evaluated Assignments, and Exams

It is our mission to provide academically rigorous courses from a biblical worldview, because we want our students to know they are ready to do well when they get to college and beyond. We consistently hear from our graduates that in the subjects they took from TPS, they were far better prepared than their peers. For our students who want to be competitive for top-tier colleges and scholarships, TPS wants to provide top-tier preparation and credibility.

For many families, a primary benefit of homeschooling is freedom from external standards and requirements. For a student whose college and career goals do not require validation to external standards, these requirements are arbitrary and unwarranted.

The information below applies to all students and courses, with thoughtful differentiable options to allow each student to enjoy and benefit from each course with his own individual purposes, priorities, and standards.


  • Each course is designed and managed for a total (includes class time) workload based on course level (elementary school 4-6 hours per week, middle school 6-8 hours, high school 8-10 hours, AP courses 10-12 hours).
  • Timely effective individual feedback is a hallmark of TPS that distinguishes it from other programs.
  • Assignment deadlines are enforced with small grade penalties. No penalties are applied for students taking a course without the TPS transcript.
  • Academic leave is managed by TPS for students in cases of humanitarian crisis (e.g., sudden illness or injury, death in the immediate family using waivers rather than extensions (to avoid adding to the crisis by requiring the student to “catch back up”).
  • For students taking a middle school or high school course for TPS transcript credit, we require that a parent or designated adult proctor each exam using our proctor guidelines. Otherwise, exam proctoring is not required.