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Providing Feedback on a TPS Course or Teacher

We appreciate feedback, both positive and constructive. For every course each year, we provide every enrolled student the opportunity to offer both positive testimonial and critical feedback specific to that class that year. For more immediate matters, both positive and critical, we encourage immediate feedback that we may act upon before it is too late to benefit from or resolve. If you want your feedback to be reviewed and acted upon, please observe the following guidelines.

Positive (Testimonial) Feedback

— Provide in email or live chat visit.

— Be specific. Give examples.

— Consider giving us written permission to post your comments by stating that we may use it in a testimonial that includes your first name and last initial.

We receive lots of great specific positive feedback every year. If you allow us to post it or provide it to others, then others may benefit from it too.

Constructive (Critical) Feedback

— Provide in email to [email protected]

— Be specific. Give examples.

— We try to preserve anonymity, but it cannot be guaranteed because a thorough and fair investigation may make the source discernible. However, we do guarantee that substantiated specific critical feedback will not adversely impact a student’s grades or how a student is treated in TPS.

We look forward to hearing from you!