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How and When To Enroll

TPS enrollment opens for different groups at different times. The purpose of separating the enrollment times is to allow loyal families with unique scheduling constraints a reasonable opportunity to enroll in open seats. TPS plans each enrollment year to have sufficient seats in each course, and staggered enrollment assists in managing this availability efficiently for all families.

2023-24 Enrollment Opening Dates (Tentative)

  • AP and College Credit Course Enrollment: 6:00 pm US ET February 7, 2023 (Note 1)
  • Early Enrollment (Special Categories): 6:00 pm US ET February 16, 2023 (Note 2)
  • Returning Family Enrollment: 6:00 pm US ET February 21, 2023 (Note 3)
  • General Enrollment (All Families): 6:00 pm US ET February 23, 2023 (Note 4)

(Note 1) AP and College Credit Course Enrollment

  • Older students taking AP and college courses have fewer course options and more schedule constraints. Earlier enrollment allows older students to solidify their plans and build their schedules from more options.
  • Any student — new or returning, in any time zone — who meets the course readiness requirements (Prerequisites, posted in the course catalog) may enroll in TPS AP and college dual credit courses during this time.
  • TPS courses are live interactive classes with frequent teacher evaluation and feedback. However, due to limited class time availability, students with time zone or scheduling conflicts may request to take TPS AP or college credit courses partially or entirely by recording with live attendance and participation reduced or waived (requires approval from TPS Support).
  • During this time, only the AP and college dual credit course sections will be scheduled for enrollment. Other courses will be scheduled as TBA and should not be enrolled. TBA enrollments will be fully charged and subject to the non-refundable tuition fees, so it is inadvisable to enroll in TBA sections.

(Note 2) Early Enrollment (Special Categories)

  • Some families are limited in class time options by their time zone or by the large number of concurrent courses they are enrolling. TPS offers a brief early enrollment period to support these constraints. Families are eligible for Early Enrollment in any of these categories:
    • Students will be taking classes for the majority of the school year in time zones ranging from GMT-1 to GMT+12 (i.e., Eurasia, Africa, Oceania).
    • Families enrolling one student in five or more full-year core courses that include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or Global Languages.
    • Families enrolling two or more students in ten or more full-year core courses that include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or Global Languages.
  • Enrollment during this protected Early Enrollment (Special Categories) period is an “honor system” that relies on family consideration and integrity. Ineligible enrollments made during this period (including those which are eligible at the time of enrollment but later become ineligible due to family change of plans) may be individually dropped by TPS at any time prior to the start of the course solely at the discretion of TPS to support our enrollment priorities.
  • Families who have at least one student in a current TPS Diploma Partnership plan approved by TPS may enroll all their students during this Early Enrollment period.
  • TPS teachers and staff may enroll their students during this Early Enrollment period.

(Note 3) Returning Family Enrollment is open to families completing one or more courses during the school year immediately prior to the enrollment year. We appreciate our loyal families who return each year and offer this brief early enrollment opportunity with our thanks.

(Note 4) General Enrollment (All Families) is open to all families, including new families, in good academic and financial standing with TPS.

How To Enroll

Before enrolling, please carefully review the Enrollment Agreement, and please be ready to immediately submit readiness assessment materials for any class that requires them from you. Enrollments without readiness assessment materials may be dropped (and you may enroll again when ready).

  1. To enroll, log into your family account. (If you have not registered your family yet, you can do that from the same page. Registration is free and requires just your family email and name.)
  2. Add your students, including names and graduation years (if you know their planned grad years). You must add students before adding classes because you will enroll a specific student into each class.
  3. Set your family’s time zone so the class times will display in your local time when you are choosing classes. (If your locale does not observe U.S. Daylight Savings Time, the Course Catalog will even show you how class times will shift throughout the year with U.S. DST and your local DST).
  4. In the Course Catalog, select the grade levels of your students so you reduce the list to just the courses you can consider. Then filter by category (subject) and apply any other filters you want to narrow and expand your search.
  5. As you find courses you want, add each course to your Cart. Each time you add a course to your Cart you will be asked to choose a specific class section for a specific student.
  6. You may add classes and remove them from your Cart until you have the enrollment schedule you like. Your Cart is saved indefinitely until you enroll.
  7. When you have your Cart ready with the schedule you want, click Enroll Now.
    • Clicking Enroll Now does not enroll the Cart. It checks the status of each seat and places a five-minute hold on the seats for you so others cannot enroll them. It shows you conflicts in class times or courses. It also shows you the status of each enrollment (i.e., to an Open Seat or Wait List).
    • Please use this Enroll Now review to make changes to your enrollment so you end up with courses and a class schedule you can make work. You may enroll on preferred Wait Lists, but you should not count on getting seats from a Wait List. Whenever possible, you should enroll in a workable Open Seat for each course where you enroll to a preferred Wait List class.
    • For five minutes after you click Enroll Now, you will have opportunity to Confirm Enrollment. You are not enrolled until you click Confirm Enrollment.
    • A class may be dropped from the family account for a period of 1-2 days after enrollment. This self-management period is provided to allow a family to realize a conflict or reconsider preference and adjust their own class schedule during the enrollment. Changes after the self-management period must be arranged in writing with TPS Support. Although the self-management period is not specifically a grace period or a refundable period, non-refundable tuition is not charged for a self-managed drop in the self-management period (however, the registration fee is charged and not waived). Note also that Wait List seats never incur charges of any kind and may be self-managed at any time.
  8. Immediately after you enroll, you will receive two automated emails for each course.
    • One email discusses scheduling and payment for that specific seat. Please review it to verify correct class and time.
    • One email discusses readiness verification for the course. Please carefully follow any guidance to submit readiness assessment information, tests, essays or other work specified.
  9. Submit any required readiness assessment documents (e.g., readiness assessment tests, questionnaires, essays) promptly (immediately within the same day) after enrolling (no extensions, sorry!).
    • You will receive a separate email when you have readiness verification for the course.
    • The readiness verification is for the student in the course, and so you will not need it again if you switch class sections for that student in that course.
    • Note: You must be enrolled in a course prior to submitting readiness assessment materials for that course because the readiness assessment documents are submitted from the family account by first selecting that enrolled seat to upload the readiness assessment documents.
  10. After you have readiness verification for a Held Seat in a class, make your first payment by eCheck (preferred) or credit card. You may also request a Special Payment Plan by emailing [email protected].
    • Please do not pay for a Wait List seat (there is never a fee for a Wait List seat).
    • Please do not pay for a Held Seat in a course until you have readiness verification for that course.

Assistance is just a click away using the chat feature on every page of our website. The Course Catalog link below will open a new browser tab or page so you can refer back here.

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