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Enroll Students Into Classes

  1. Log into your family account. (If you have not registered your family yet, you can do that from the same page. Registration is free and requires just your family email and name.)
  2. Add your students, including names and graduation years (if you know their planned grad years). You must add students before adding classes because you will enroll a specific student into each class.
  3. Set your family’s time zone so the class times will display in your local time when you are choosing classes. (If your locale does not observe U.S. Daylight Savings Time, the Course Catalog will even show you how class times will shift throughout the year with U.S. DST and your local DST).
  4. In the Course Catalog, select the grades of your students so you reduce the list to just the courses you can consider. Then filter by category (subject) and apply any other filters you want to narrow and expand your search.
  5. As you find courses you want, add each course to your Cart. Each time you add a course to your Cart you will be asked to choose a specific class section for a specific student.
  6. You may add classes and remove them from your Cart until you have the enrollment schedule you like. Your Cart is saved indefinitely until you enroll.
  7. When you have your Cart ready with the schedule you want, enroll the Cart. You will be asked to review and confirm the list of classes and students, and then confirm the enrollment.
  8. Assistance is just a click away using the chat feature on every page of our web site. The Course Catalog link below will open a new browser tab or page so you can refer back here.

Family Account and Course Catalog