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Listing TPS on a College Application or Other Form

TPS is a non-profit U.S. regionally accredited (Middle States Atlantic Commission candidate) private online K-12 school for independent (homeschool) students worldwide. Established in 1997, TPS maintains a worldwide reputation for academic excellence from a biblical worldview. Independent students all 50 U.S. states and 70+ countries currently use TPS courses to support their high school graduation requirements and prepare for college.

TPS welcomes individual course (“à la carte”) enrollment by independent (homeschool) students taking one or more subjects — or even all their courses — with TPS as an accredited course provider. We also offer the Diploma Partnership for independent (homeschool) students who want the added benefits of partnering with TPS as an accredited school.

Official Transcript and School Profile

For all students in good academic and financial standing with TPS, we offer official transcripts with accreditation signature and seal. With every transcript TPS provides to a college, the college is also provided a copy of the School Profile. This provides context and validation for the transcript. No additional action is needed by the student for the School Profile to be provided to the colleges receiving the official transcript.

College Application, Scholarship Application, Official Form, or Signed Letter

Any student may request an official TPS transcript (with School Profile) to be sent to colleges for TPS courses completed. However, only students in our Diploma Partnership may consider listing TPS as their “school” for a college application, scholarship application, or official state form (e.g., driver’s license applications). The decision of whether and how to list TPS should be made with your TPS academic adviser so it can be coordinated with TPS to support your claim. Students not in our Diploma Partnership should not list TPS as their “school” for any reason. Besides being legally inaccurate, this will hinder your application or cause it to be rejected, possibly without recourse.

Letter of Recommendation

Please see this additional guidance for seeking a letter of recommendation from a TPS adviser or teacher.