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College or Scholarship Recommendation Forms or Letters

Most college or scholarship application packages request one or more recommendation forms or letters of recommendation. These recommendations should be taken as seriously as the transcript (in which you invested four years) and the application essays (in which you define and describe yourself in your own terms). The recommendations and essays are your primary opportunity … Read more

Standardized Test Registration

… in seeking information about College Board or other standardized tests, use only current College Board or official web pages from the testing organization (e.g., ACT, CLT) for your guidance and information… The College Board and other testing organizations (e.g., ACT, CLT) are continually updating their processes, particularly as they apply to home educated students. … Read more

Tax Deductions for TPS Tuition

Is TPS – The Potter’s School tuition a tax-deductible “qualified education expense” under U.S. federal or state law? This depends on which deduction you are seeking (primary/secondary school or college tuition), the status of your TPS enrollment (part-time or full-time “Diploma Plan”), and the specific laws of your state. College Tuition TPS offers dual credit … Read more

Building a Strong Transcript

“What are the best courses for a strong transcript?” “How many AP courses should I take for a strong transcript?” “Is it better to report GPA on a 5-point scale than a 4-point scale?” “If I take an AP course, do I have to take the AP exam?” “Is dual college credit better than high … Read more

Proctoring Tests at Home

TPS allows tests to be taken at home without the use of intrusive or complex security systems like cameras or lock-down browsers. In order to maintain a credible accountable process without external intrusiveness, TPS requires parents of students in High School and Middle School courses to proctor all major tests. Purpose and Benefit of Proctoring … Read more

Learning Accommodations

TPS can support learning accommodations that do not require the course content, standards, or schedule to be adjusted, or the teacher to perform extra instruction or tutoring. Supportable accommodations include extended testing time or use of a local reader for testing. TPS is not equipped to support accommodations that require the content, evaluation standards, or … Read more

Do TPS classes use cameras?

Do I need a camera for class? Cameras are not required for our classes unless specified in the course description requirements. However, starting in 2021 cameras will be allowed for discussion portions of our live classes where there is considerable verbal interaction. There are pros and cons to cameras in the classroom: Conferencing video has … Read more

College Credit Transcripts

College Transcript from Belhaven University In partnership with Belhaven University, TPS offers many courses for dual high school and college credit (please see the complete list). The process and timeline for receiving a college transcript from Belhaven University for a TPS College course is: TPS students planning to seek Belhaven University credit must register with … Read more

How TPS Chooses Textbooks and Curricula

TPS provides elementary through college courses that integrate scholarship and biblical faith in excellence. Every subject — Writing, Humanities, Math, Science, etc. — has knowledge and skills goals that can be planned, taught, and evaluated, at every level of every subject. TPS courses work from clearly-stated objectives, that are planned, taught, and evaluated at each … Read more

Technical Requirements for Classes

Internet. 1 Mbps or higher stable internet is recommended (slower speeds work but reduce the quality of the class, and higher speeds improve the class experience). We recommend fiberoptic or cable internet. DSL is the next best option. Mobile broadband can work if the signal is strong and stable, but will have a reduced class … Read more