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Parent Responsibilities

We understand parents to be responsible for their children’s education, regardless of the medium they choose. We assume parents will actively supervise their children as necessary in all aspects of our courses, including deadline management and academic performance. We also assume parents will remain aware of and responsible for their children’s behavior during class time and in any correspondence with their teachers or school staff. Though daily work is done at home under supervision of the parents, we do not require that parents have any expertise in the material for helping the student with it, nor do we ask parents to provide any evaluation of the student’s mastery of the material.

Parents are responsible for ensuring integrity and accountability in the performance of all school work at home. In the beginning of each TPS course, students are required to read, watch, and acknowledge information and standards for academic integrity, plagiarism, and behavior. We encourage parents to familiarize themselves with this same information alongside their students.

Parents of Middle School and High School students will often be asked to proctor tests at home. Parents may also sometimes be given access to (and responsibility for) an answer key for students to check their own weekly worksheets or problem sets (not quizzes or tests), with the intent that the student will check his own work and then go back to the textbook to locate or work out the correct answers for things he missed. The parents’ role is oversight in the diligence and effectiveness of the studying, and making sure that any scores submitted reflect the actual individual work of the student.

TPS teachers will notify parents of potential violations of academic integrity, and give parents an opportunity to participate in the identification and resolution of the problem. TPS will make final determinations of how integrity problems are resolved.