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Recommendation Forms or Letters


  • It is our privilege to consider a college or scholarship recommendation for a student when we have sufficient first-hand observation of and interaction with that student during upper high school in the areas addressed in the recommendation.
  • A recommendation is not a standard service provided as part of a course. A recommendation — including an “academic” recommendation — goes beyond a transcript or grade report to provide first-hand observations and assessments of traits, aptitudes, and accomplishments not covered in the course transcript. Recommendations also usually extend beyond strictly academic factors to include observations and evaluations of work ethic, character, reliability, service, leadership and influence, communication skills, or other factors that are beyond the academic transcript.
  • TPS is an online school and course provider with courses meeting 1-2 days per week and no required interaction outside of class. In some cases, attendance is also not required. To provide credibility of our recommendations and equitable opportunities for our students, TPS has minimum criteria for “sufficient first-hand observation and interaction during upper high school”. One or more of these criteria must be substantially or effectively met for TPS to consider a recommendation.
  • A recommendation adds to a transcript. The completed courses and grades — with the school profile — form the necessary context for any recommendation. TPS will not provide a recommendation without a transcript.
  • All requests for recommendation from a TPS teacher must be sent by email to TPS Support to coordinate for the school.