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Recorded Classes

TPS courses are specifically designed to be taken live and interactively. We encourage and expect students to pay attention, participate, and take notes in class. We record our classes in case a student misses one occasionally (more information about class absences or missed classes is here). Our intent is for students to be able to promptly make up an occasional missed class, and promptly review missed material. However, we don’t consider class recordings to be essential for students to stay caught up in a course.

TPS prepares students to do well in college. We teach and encourage students to employ good note-taking in class (or while watching a recording to make up a missed class), as this is a skill needed in college and beyond. Our recordings are not designed to be used as notes or study aids. Colleges generally do not provide students recorded movies of their live classes to study from later, and so we avoid fostering that expectation or habit in grade school. Thus we don’t consider recordings essential for students to do well in a course.

We have also found that extended access to recorded classes encourages some students to fall behind with the intention of catching up “later,” which not only results in lower grades but also builds poor academic and time management habits. Therefore, we delete class recordings after a month, so it remains important for students to attend and actively participate in live classes, take good notes for later study, and stay caught up with class material.

Our recordings reenact the class itself, including loading the actual whiteboard and chat, as well as all audio and slide sharing. This avoids the loss of resolution and fuzzy pixelated visuals you get from online classes recorded as standard video streams. This also means that you must be online using our classroom software to watch the recorded class, so you cannot save the recording to your computer or device, and you cannot play it back in a video player app.

We do not record cameras in the classroom. We record class academic content without recording the cameras, to help safeguard the security and privacy of our students and staff.

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